Natural Beauty Challenge!

Week Six
The Natural Beauty Challenge has ended, well kind of. The Natural Beauty Challenge may only be six weeks long, but to maintain healthy skin and hair you have to keep it going. Througout the six weeks my skin has been through ups and downs while my hair has gotten progressively better and better. Now I have a definite skin regimen for day and night, but while I still have break-outs I know how to handle them better. Also, I don't wear make-up everyday which is great for the skin because it has time to breath. I haeve learned how to keep my hair from being tangled and lots of new hairstyles. The flat iron is only used on my hair about once every two weeks! Start the challenge now or tell about how it has helped you!

Week Five
There is only 1 more week left of the natural beauty challenge! My skin has gotten much better than when I first started although I still get the occasional break-out. As of rigt now my skin is mostly blemish free, but not what the average person would call great skin. I am really hoping to try out the Clinique acne make-up, I have some sample sizes of the foundation and it works great. It really does help with the acne that already there while making it less noticable. Another great thing for skin that is not getting as much acne, but still has scars or dark spots would be a great moisturizers or toner. It needs to actuallyy ork into your skin rather than lay on top of it, I use Neutrogena Visibly Even moisturizer and it is fantastic. My hair is great and is still looking healthy and growing. I have been wearing it up lately in buns and ponytails which works best for anyone who works out frequently. Keep up with the Natural Beauty Challenge ladies!
Week Four

The Natural Beauty Challenge has gone by so quickly, there are only 2 weeks left! During this week my skin has been getting better as I found how to balance cleasning my face throughtout the day. I now only use a cleanser and spot treatment at night and every other day I use a scrub in the morning. Also because I do workout, I keep facial wipes in my purse to keep the excess oil and bacteria off my face. As for my hair, I have been making sure to comb through to prevent my usual head of tangles and decided to wear it down the entire week. I advise everyone to try out facial wipes, spot treatments, and/or a nice daily cleanser or scrub. Those product will do wonders for your skin, but be sure to think about your specific skin type such as oily, normal, or dry. Try out different comb and brush sizes for your hair because I have discovered that it can make a huge impact on the smoothness and amount of tangles in the hair. Keep it going on the Natural Beauty Challenge!

Week Three
The Natural Beauty Challenge is taken a turn for the better for me this week! How has this week been for your hair and skin? My skin is finally agreeing with my new routine of using an acne scrub, moisturizing, and actually wiping my face throughout the day. I haven't a break-out yet this week or any other unexpected visitors on my face. My hair has gone through major tangling, but it is nothing a good detangling product cannot fix. This week plan for wiping off your face more during the day by using blotting papers or facial wipes they work wonders for any skin type, especially oily skin. As for the hair, use heat only once this week if you really would like to, but just once. Try out some new styles like the buns Taylor Swift has been rocking or cute braids. Even create your own updo. Have a great natural beauty week!

Week Two
How are is your Natural Beauty Challenge going? Are skin is now becoming cleaner and healthier now that we are beginning to wash are face and moisturize. Our hair is should also be appearing healthier and have more bounce. Throughout the week my skin has gone through a break out, I couldn't believe it! After all my face washing and cleansing my face was not doing what I expected. Since I know I was actually was sticking to my plan, I'm just going to blame it on being a teenager. One huge accomplishment for my Natural Beauty Challenge is that I went and had my hair relaxed and trimmed. After my relaxer and trim I finally got to see how much my hair has grown, it's touching my back now! Now I know that technically isn't long for some people, but my hair has never been this length before or this healthy, I am so excited! Now on to week two, we should start daily routines and find a good skin care and make-up products that do not damage our skin. As for our hair we should start moisturizing, conditioning, and continue laying off the heat.

Week One
And the Natural Beauty Challenge begins! Week One will consist of keeping clean and starting slow. Make sure to wash your face in the mornings and when you are getting ready for bed, if you play sports or have oily skin you may need splash your face with water in the afternoon as well. Be sure to use warm water and not scrub the face, but gently rub it with your fingers or a soft facial cloth. You can also add in a good facial soap, but be sure it is a soap specifically for your face. Using warm water on acne spots will also help for acne to go away and open up pores so they can breath . When you are done, splash cold water on your face to help close back your pores so bacteria and dirt will not seep back through. As for our hair make sure ot keep it moisturized and get the split and dead ends trimmed or cut off now. Trimming off dead and split ends will instantly make your grow better and look instantly more healthy. Join the Natural Beauty Challenge chicas to start looking your personal best!

Get Prepared
Every girl is a natural beauty, but sometimes it tends to get a little damaged. Our hair may break off or gain split ends and our skin might break out like crazy! The challenge is to renew our natural beauty and look good for summer and the days beyond. Week One will officially begin 2-20-12, but anyone may start whenever they feel the time is right. Sometimes we need to prepare for the beginning and with the Natural Beauty Challenge we're going to prepare by going back to the basics. For the next few days be sure to wash your face in the mornings, at night, and even in the middle of the day if it is neccessary. Also, lay off the heat and try wearing your hair up to protect it from any future damage. Get ready for the challenge to begin!


  1. You might have broken out through over cleansing! Don't use a harsh cleanser morning and night because it causes your skin to create excess oil which results in breakouts, so maybe just try cleansing at night!x

  2. This is a great idea! I know how much it can suck to have acne so I'm glad this helped you deal with your breakouts a little better :)

  3. Oooh, I gotta try! I have issues with my hair being dry and breaking.


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