Monday, September 30, 2013

Fashion 101: The Printed Sweater

The weather is starting to get chilly which means its time for Sweater Weather! Printed sweaters are my favorite because they don't just look like a clump of fabric on my body. They can play up my personal style and a big dose of personality to my look. Below are some of my favorite printed sweater looks worn by my favorite celebs:
Get matchy-matchy like Beyonce by pairing your sweater with bottoms that match a main color in the sweater.
Try adding a pop of  color by pairing a neutral colored sweater with colored bottoms and accessories. 
Gwen Stefani
Go edgy like Gwen Stefani by pairing a girly polka dot sweater with killer boots and military skinnies.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Style Crush: Jamie Chung

Jamie Chung is always effortlessly chic while still being a fashion risk taker. I love the mixtures of print, color, and texture Jamie mixes within her looks. Jamie takes a risk with an all over leather dress complete with a tie and collar. However, Jamie also knows how to play it safe with a punch by pairing blazers and simple tops with patterned skirts and colorful jewelry. Not only does Jamie Chung's style keep me wanting more,  but so does her make-up! Jamie is consistent with maintaining her natural beauty and accenting her eyelashes with an occasional pop of color on the lip.

Who is your style crush?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Get the Look: Quirky Bun, Natural Make-Up

Zendaya is always adding fun quirks to her everyday style and beauty which makes her looks super fun, young, and very memorable. In the photo above, Zendaya takes a chic slicked backed bun and turns it into a fun swirl, giving an extra va-va-voom! Zendaya keep her make-up light and natural which is perfect for an everyday make-up look and added hoop earring for even more visual interest. To get the look all you need is a brush, bobby pins, and hair tie for the hair and mascara, eyeliner, blush, foundation, and lipgloss for the face.
  1. Start off with your hair by brushing out all the tangles and smoothing down the edges.
  2. Pull the hair up into a high ponytail. Try to make it as sleek and smooth as possible and secure with the hair tie.
  3. Begin twisting the ponytail until it begins to swirl in weird shapes. 
  4. When you have achieved your perfect hair swirl, begin pinning down the hair with bobby pins.
  5. Now make sure your skin is clear and apply foundation as needed.
  6. Now apply blush the the apples of the cheeks. Try smiling as you apply the blush for the most natural looking application.
  7. Apply 2-3 coats of mascara and lightly line the top lash line with eyeliner.
  8. Lastly coat the lips with a lipgloss or lipstick for a flush of color on the lips.
Now you have a fun new hairstyle along with a natural make-up look! However, if you want to amp up the look even more, just add hair accessories to the bun, pop some colored liner on the lower eyelid, or even fill in the brows to stay on trend with bold brow look for fall.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Trend 101: Bring on the Leather

Bring on the Leather

Leather is not just for jackets and boots anymore! Leather is making a big splash into fall fashion this year with leather skirts, purses, accessories, and more. Leather can create a very chic, edgy look especially when mixed with silver and gold accents like the boots, bracelet, and jacket pictured above. Leather skirts and pants are a great alternative to everyday fabrics because of the texture and visual appeal. Exchanging a pair of jeans for leather pants or a skirt update your look and gives it more fashion edge. However, if your not ready to commit to leather all the way, try shirts and pants with leather accents on the side or something as simple as leather purse that can also be used as a fashion basic in your closet.
How do you rock leather? 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Beauty 101: Moving into Fall

Joan Smalls
Fall is slowly, but surely, approaching which means it's time to start testing new fall looks! Fall inspired make-up  is all about dark lips, bronze skin, bold brows, and smoked out eyes. While the make-up is looking super vamped, fall hair is all about being slicked back in buns and ponytails, or worn back out of the face to show off the make-up. Below are my top five favorite fall 2013 beauty tips:
  1. Plum lips! Plum lips are a beautiful shade of purple that have a perfect balance of edge and femininity. Whether you have a dark or pale skin tone, there are tons of plum/purple shades that can fit you perfectly.
  2. Slicked back hair! Not only does slick backed hair stay in place, but it also keeps your hair from sticking to your face. Slick backed hair gives off an ultra chic vibe and can be accessorized with headbands and hairclips. There are also a variety of styles that can be incorporated with the slicked back style such as buns and ponytails.
  3. Bronze skin! Just because summer is almost over doesn't mean you have to give up glowy skin. You can easily swipe bronzer across your cheeks or any splash of shimmer to keep that glow.
  4. Smokey eyes! Smokey eyes create an endearing look and can definitely be made for the daytime. Hold off for dark black smoke for the night and a deeper brown shadow to make a smokey eye look nice for the day.
  5. Bold brows! Make your brows thicker and bolder by holding off on the extra waxing and tweezing. Let your brows grow in a bit in between clean up time and fill them in with a matching eye shadow color for a bolder look.