Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why You Should Carry A Satchel Bag

Emmy Rossum
Satchel and cross body bags are my favorite types of bags to carry around. Satchel and cross body bags are so simple, don't take away from your outfit, and prevent me from bringing too many items that are so unnecessary. I am always throwing random things into my purse whether it's lipgloss, keychains, pens, pencils, makeup, and more lipgloss! A satchel or cross body bag is a definite essential for an on the go fashionista so keep on reading to find out why.
  •  A satchel or cross body bags makes you think twice before throwing just anything into your bag, no one wants to carry around a bulging bag.
  • Satchel and cross body bags not only hold your essentials, but they also will not weigh you down as other purses will since the bag is strapped across your body.
  • A cross body is most likely going to be adjustable so no matter how tall you are you can make the body proportion to your height.
  • School, work, and special occasions don't require too many extra items except for a couple make-up products, pens, and pencils so a satchel bag is perfect. 
  • A satchel or cross body bag works for day, night, and any occasions become they come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Plus some cross body bags can double as an oversized clutch!
What kind of bag are you carrying?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trend Alert: Dark Reds and Oxblood

Deep reds and the latest color trend, oxblood, are this fall and winter. Deep reds and oxblood add a dark and dramatic pop of color to your look, but the colors can also be used as a neutral in your wardrobe. The colors represent the new color scheme of the season and allow you to step outside of the black, brown, and grey color rotation. Keep on reading to find out how to incorporate the colors in your everyday look.
Prince William and Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton always gets it right when it comes to style! Kate is wearing an oxblood colored 2 piece. The color works for sophisticated and classy looks, plus it still looks nice when paired with black tights to keep your legs warm.
Irina Shayk
These oxblood colored leather pants are so chic and super slimming. Since the pants are in a leather style it already screams edge and the color helps to give it extra style cred compared to regular black leather pants. Also, I absolutely love that the color works perfectly with simple colors such as black and grey so that you don't have to think too much about what top to pair the pants with.
I am usually totally against wearing an outfit all in one color, but Fergie looks amazing in this all red look. The dark red leather pants fit her perfectly and her grey studded booties make a great contrast colors while adding height. The shirt works because of its change in texture and the help of the patterned throw over. All together this look is an A+ in my books. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY Nails: O.P.I. Golden Eye

I have been searching everywhere for the perfect gold nail polish and I finally found it! I actually first saw the nail lacquer in new Skyfall O.P.I. nail collection ad in Seventeen Magazine! At first I was apprehensive about purchasing the Golden Eye nail polish because I wasn't sure if it would be opaque enough, but it is after about 2-3 coats of polish. I was originally looking for a golden nail polish  because the only one I have is a shatter polish and gold just seems like a glam color that would also be perfect for the holidays. Plus I have been on a glitter/shimmer nail polish craving the last few weeks. Keep on reading for tips to make the most of this golden nail lacquer.
  1. Begin with clean, shaped nails and apply a clear base coat.
  2. Take the gold polish and make one stroke starting in the center of the nail and go upward. Use the rest of the polish on the brush to complete the bottom half of the nail.
  3. Finish the nail by polishing the right and left half starting from the center like in step 2.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each nail. Add a second coat to make the polish more opaque.
  5. Add a third coat if necessary and apply a clear top coat to seal the polish.
The only thing to beware of is the glitter portions of the nail polish falling into your nail bed instead of spreading across the nails, but it is not a big deal once you get the hang of the application. Let me know in the comments belo if you will be trying out the Golden Eye nail polish color for the holidays.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Get The Look: Natural Shimmer

Zendaya Coleman Actress Zendaya Coleman arrives at Teen Vogue's 10th Anniversary young Hollywood party on September 27, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California.
Zendaya is definitely turning into my style crush! She knows how to make it edgy, turn it glam, and keep it nice and classy in each of her looks. Not only do I like her style, I also really love her gorgeous make-up looks, they are always subtle and look perfect for a teen. The look above is so pretty and can easily be achieved with a neutral eyeshadow palette, foundation, mascara and liner, and a nude lip gloss.  You can even recreate the hair by grabbing a brush or comb and a ponytail holder.
  1. Begin with clean skin and apply foundation and concealer as necessary.
  2. Prime your lids with a primer and apply silver/shimmer shadow to your lower lid.
  3. Apply a dark brown shadow to your crease. Be sure to blend well.
  4. Add a lighter eyeshadow color (besides white) to your brow bone as a highlight.
  5. Line your lower lash line with black liner and apply 2-3 coats of mascara
  6. Add a rosy blush to the apple of your cheeks and fill in your brows if needed.
  7. Apply a nude lipstick or gloss to complete the look.
  8. For the hair, tease the top of your hair for volume then pull it into a ponytail at the nape of your neck.
This make-up look is perfect for the holidays, but will also work as an everyday look just by taking away the extra shimmer. You can even make it more of your own by trying it out with different lip colors! Let me know in the comments below if you'll be trying out the look.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Work Out The Holidays

The holidays are coming so fast this year, Thanksgiving was yesterday here in the U.S.! The holidays are so much fun whether your favorite part is the gifts, family, or decorating, but there are some downsides. Food and laziness hits during the holidays, you may eat 3 serving sizes worth of food and go straight to sleep afterwards which is not good if you want to maintain good health throughout the holiday season. Below are some tips on how to stay fit during this holiday season, but remember to still enjoy yourself and not over think every little second of your day. 
  1. Eat for your appetite! Don't overindulge and don't hold back when fixing your plate or snacking during the holidays. If the food is just that good have a taste, but not a full plate unless your truly hungry for it.
  2. Take a walk! After dinner try asking your family to go on a walk together. It's safe, fun, and great exercise that also allow family time. Plus, you can even turn it into a tradition!
  3. Bust out your magazines! I am definitely not a workout trainer so I can't tell you what workout moves to do to get flat abs, but I do know that just about every magazine has a workout section. Pull out the workout sections or find some online to help you get or stay in shape.
  4. Dress appropriately! Since it's getting colder outside shorts and a sports bra will not do if your going outside to workout. Keep your body temperature safe by throwing on a workout suit and if it's really cold throw on some mittens and a beanie.
  5. Move around! As long as you stay active and don't treat your daily routine any different during the holidays you should be fine! Keep your body moving and don't do too much consecutive eating and sleeping.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trend Alert: Beanie Movement

I don't know if it's just me, but I have seen many people wearing beanies in all different styles, colors, and from various brands. I've never thought of a beanie being a very feminine accessory, but after seeing how different girls style their hair ad outfits I am absolutely in love with them. Many beanies have a little extra fabric in the top so it dangles a bit in the back, or so you can wear it straight up. What's really great are that beanies are a unisex item and are practical since you are keeping your head warm. Not only that, but beanies are such a nice DIY project, you can make your own or buy little embellishments like studs to make it your own. Down below Rita Ora, Nicole Richie, and Rihanna are all incorporating a beanie into their style and making it their own.
Rita Ora
Nicole Richie
Rihanna Hats

Monday, November 19, 2012

Fashion 101: Thanksgiving Outfits

Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for everything we have and stuffing our belly's full of food. I am definitely known for having at least three plates of food not including dessert and the numerous "scraps" of food I pick up for my own little pre-meal. However, no matter how good it is going down, sometimes it makes me feel a little bloated and my clothes just don't fit the same as they did when I first put them on. This is why a-line and loose styles of clothing are your best friend on days like Thanksgiving, no matter where you're going.
Demi Lovato Clothes
Demi Lovato
Demi is working this edgy a-line dress that is perfect for any special event. She makes it edgy by adding a studded leather jacket, while you can also switch up the style by wearing a cardigan or denim button down. An a-line skirt or dress allows your stomach room to breath after eating all that food and works for any body type! A-line styles can work for both casual, party, or business looks so wherever you're heading for Thanksgiving you'll be dressed appropriately.
Miranda Kerr
So if you're looking for a casual, everyday look for Thanksgiving, your in luck! Loose, flowy tops are so in this year and the plus is that they're are super comfty and give you room to breath which is great for Thanksgiving. You can pair loose tops with any type of jeans, but beware of putting too many loose things together so you won't look like a complete frump!
What are you wearing for Thanksgiving?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sweet Sixteen: 15 Things I've Learned in 15 Years

This is probably one of my most personal posts ever and it's to tell you that I'm turning sweet sixteen tomorrow, November 17! Sixteen is such a milestone year, it involves the beginning of driving, dating, and so much more. Since sixteen is so special to me I've decided to share 15 things that I've learned in 15 years and I would absolutely love if you would share things you've learned over the years as well.
  1. Never let others affect your mood and put you down.
  2. Be yourself! If you want to start your own fashion blog, then start it!
  3. Stand tall! It makes you stand out and look more confident.
  4. Know who your friends are! It doesn't matter if Facebook says you have 356 friends, you probably really have only 2 or 3 that will always have your back so keep them close.
  5. Don't be fearful of change, it can be good to expose yourself to different things.
  6. Always be up for trying new things, you never know what you may like. 
  7. It is definitely okay to wear white after Labor Day.
  8. Don't become absorbed in social media gossip, it can hurtful and isn't real.
  9. Be mindful of the things you say to people, you never know how your words can affect people.
  10. Karma is not a nice, so try your best to keep your actions friendly.
  11. The "golden rule", do unto others as you would want others to do unto to you is so true.
  12.  It's not cool to talk behind people's back, rumors will spread in an instant and the results are never pretty.
  13. Your style is personal so make it your own and rock out.
  14. Popularity, grades, and wealth means nothing in the long run.
  15. Loosen up and have fun, don't waste your time being too serious.
I cannot wait for what's in store for this year and what all I will learn about myself and life. Let me know in the comments below about what you''ve learnede throughout the years.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fashion 101: 5 Cold Weather Essentials

There are 5 top fashion essentials for cold weather that will help you if you want to look cute and stay warm at the same time. Hats, oversized sweaters, scarves, layers, and darker clothing are so beneficial to your wardrobe throughout the fall and winter season. Each item keeps you warm and chic, some you can even turn into a DIY project! Keep on reading to find out how to incorporate the essentials into your everyday wardrobe.

Jessica Alba
Work with oversize sweaters paired with tighter fitting skinny jeans. The big sweater helps to keep you super warm while the skinny jeans maintain your curves and shape. An extra bonus goes for the ladies who try out printed skinny jeans paired with an oversize sweater for an unexpected twist! If it's really chilly outside throw on a cute beanie to keep your head warm. 
Ashley Benson
Layering up with cardigans, jackets, knee socks, anything extra will definitely help you to stay warm. The best layering technique is to mix up the colors your layering with like how Ashley Benson went with whites, blacks, and greys to showcase each different piece. Don't wear to many flowy and loose layers, try stick with only a flowy cardigan and keep the rest fitted or a fitted jacket with a flowy top. Keep the layer balanced! 
Kim Kardashian

Scarves are great for keeping your neck warm and chic at the same time. Scarves are becoming so versatile lately with the various patterns, fabrics, styles, and of course the way to wear them. I love watching WendysLookBook's video on Youtube about all the different scarf looks, who knew there way more than just wrapping it around your neck? However, the best way to wear a scarf is with lower neckline tops and crew necks, scarves don't always look good with a turtle neck.
What are your cold weather essentials? Let me know in the comments below! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Get The Look: Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is the perfect mixture of retro Hollywood glamour and a modern seductress. Lana is so effortlessly beautiful and timeless with her overall look and style that it is very hard to even try to copy her look. However, she is the perfect lady to take inspiration from if your craving a sexy, old time look that takes hints from icons like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. My top traits of Lana which will work for anybody is to hold your self high, confident, and overall classy. Try very neutral make-up, a matte foundation paired with a nude lip color and major lashes and liner are the signature Lana Del Rey make-up look. Also, don't forget to fill in your brows to make them bold and frame your face. Roller setting your hair or using a wide barreled curling iron will help you to achieve those big luscious curls that will even work on medium/short length hair. Add in your modern look with funky nails, fun hair pieces, and pairing vintage clothing with modern accessories.
Which celebrity do you take inspiration from?

Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY Nails: Keep Your Natural Nails Pretty

Okay so this is definitely my nail look from last week, but I like it so much that I'm  keeping it this way for my birthday on Saturday. The only difference for this week is that I did an all purple ombre and used a ton more glitter, glitter is girl's best friend though, right? Anyways while I was going through a struggle taking the glitter polish off I noticed that my nails are looking much more healthy than usual. For the past few weeks I have recently been trying out new nail routines because I began to notice that my nails we're breaking and peeling so easily which resulted in my polish looking not so hot. Now that my nails are all about the same length, have very little to no peeling, and don't seem to breaking so easily, I'm ready to share a few things that I've been doing to them.
  • Check the remover! I've always known not to use nail polish remover containing acetone on the regular, but it takes the polish off so easily that I caved in to using it every time. Big no-no! Use a remover without acetone so your nails will stay super strong.
  • Beneficial Base Coats! Base coat that have vitamins or moisturizes the nail really do work to protect and help your natural nails, plus they prevent your polish color from staining your nail.
  • Stop Excess Filing! There is no need to file your nails every day, only file about once a week to shape up your nails. Do not use a nail file to drastically change nail length or shape, it will weaken your entire nail.
  • Picking Your Cuticles! This may not apply to your nails, but your cuticles are so close to your nails that it should. Picking at your cuticles is actually a health risk because it can cause cuts, bleeding, and allows bacteria a way into your skin. Leave your cuticles to the professionals and extremely clean tools.
I really hope you enjoyed this post and that these tips help you to achieve great looking natural nails. If you try out any of these tips or have any of your own please let me know in the comments below!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Beauty 101: 5 Tips for Luscious Lips

Taylor Swift
Fall 2012 is all about playing up your eyes and lips with dark, dramatic colors. Ruby and reds lips are so dark and beautiful and paired with shimmery golden eyes it instantly becomes gorgeous! However, if you go deeper into the new beauty trends, it is becoming more popular to "reshape" your lips, with concealer and foundation that is. Keep on reading for tips on how to reshape your lips, make them fuller, and look amazing:
  • The Basics! Before you can do anything special with your lips they need to look healthy. Use chapstick, sugar scrubs, and stay hydrated for healthy lips.
  • Moisturizing Lip Products! If your not using moisturizing glosses, stains, or chapsticks, your lips are just going to dry out and become chapped again. Use moisturizing products to keep your lips from chapping.
  • Primer! A primer will allow you a nice canvas to make your lip product true to color and last longer.
  • Lighter and Darker! Using a lighter shade lip color or gloss to the middle of your 1st lip color will make your lips appear fuller. The contrast will look gorgeous especially from the way the light will hit the colors, just be sure to blend!
  • Concealer! Use concealer along with an angled brush and foundation to reshape your lips and make your lipstick lines look perfect! Cupid bow shaped lips are so in right now and concealer will help you achieve the shape.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hair 101: Day to Night Side Swept Hair

Lucy Hale Hair
Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale

  I love the side swept hair look! It works for both night and day, long and medium hair, and just about any hair type. Lucy Hale is always working this side swept hair look whether she has super long hair, spiral curls, or everyday waves. All you need to get the look is a brush or comb, lots of bobby pins, a smoothing gel or cream, and a curling iron or flat iron.
  1. Start by detangling and brushing through your hair. Be sure to get your hair very soft and luxurious to make the most of this look.
  2. Pick a side to part your hair on and begin to brush it to the side. Apply a smoothing/holding cream or gel to make sure your hair stays to the side.
  3. Add bobby pins underneath the bulk of the hair and anywhere else if needed. Be sure the bobby pins match your hair color.
  4. For the glamorous night look, take the curling iron and add nice spiral curls to your hair. If your going for a day look add soft waves or use your flat iron and go for a straight look.
  5. Add some hairspray to make sure your hair holds or add some fab hair accessories.
How would you rock this look?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Confidence 101: No Comparison

Joan Smalls - Cocktails For The HSN & Universal Pictures Snow White & The Huntsman Collection Launch
Joan Smalls
So the Victoria Secret fashion show was last night so of course there were many tweet pics and Instagram shots of all the angels. I love looking at the bedazzled bras, jeweled panties, luxurious hair and make-up, but it kills me to see all the comments about not being nearly as pretty as the models. It's not just last night that I noticed this reoccurring issue, but I constantly see photos of celebrities with captions about never being able to look as good or even saying how it makes them feel ugly. Now of course celebs are pretty, I happen to think Joan Smalls is drop dead gorgeous, but it shouldn't make your feel down on yourself because your pretty too. Each and everyone of us has at least one unique thing about us that no one else does which means we have to stop comparing our appearances, personalities, skills, and everything else to other people. Comparing kills your own self-esteem and confidence, own what you have and work it. Trust me you will start to feel so much more self-confidence and stop worrying about what you don't have and others do.

What's unique about yourself and how do you rock it? Let me know in the comments below!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hair 101: Big Bangs Theory

Bangs seem to be making a big comeback, celebs like Demi Lovato, Beyonce, Carly Rae Jepson, and Taylor Swift have all been rocking them. Bangs are such a bold hair statement that can totally change your look! There is also such a variety of bang styles, wispy, fringe, blunt, side bangs, and so many more with my favorite being the longer wispy bangs. Keep on reading to get more into the big bang theory.
Demi Lovato - 2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Day 1 - Press Room
This is definitely not the first time Demi has had bangs, remember her Camp Rock days? I love the wispy bang look, especially on her face shape. Wispy bangs frame your face and bring out your eyes by giving them all the attention. However, wispy bangs require trims to keep them out your eyeballs. Wispy bangs are also a great transition into side bangs and growing out your bang look. 

Carly Rae Jepson rocks a more blunt and thick bang look that is great for round and heart shaped faces. This bang look is actually longer when straight, but is normally slightly curled under with a mini flat iron. This bang look is best if you know your going to be keeping the bangs for a good bit of time since they're too short to clip all the way back or move completely to the side.
Beyonce's latest hairstyle just happens to be bold, blunt bangs! Blunt straight across bangs are very bold to rock because they are very in your face, literally. Blunt bangs work best with longer face shapes since you don't want to take away half of your face with hair. Also, you definitely want to have hair that is straight or a great flat iron so that the bangs always lay right.
What type of bang would you rock?

Monday, November 5, 2012

DIY Nails: Party Rocking Mani

I've been missing having glitz and sparkles on my nails so I had to go all out glam with my nail look for the week. The best thing about this nail look is goes with girly, edgy, and glam styles and adds fun to both dressy and party looks. I feel like such a little diva with my nails in this sparkly look, plus it will be great since I have two special events this week, a Beta induction and a band concert. The ombre effect gives this nail look it's trendy vibe and I even used a new technique to create the cool effect. All you need to create this nail look is a sponge, a clear base and top coat, any color nail polish, and a glitter nail polish.
  1. Start with clean nails and apply a clear base coat. This will allow your polish to stay on longer and keep your natural nails clean and strong.
  2. Take your sponge and lightly dab the polish across the tip of the sponge and dab it along one of your nails. Bee sure your tip is completely covered with the polish and lightens up as you go closer to the nail bed.
  3. Repeat step two for each nail.
  4. Apply  glitter nail polish to your entire nail for a glam, sparkly look to give your nails a fun party look.
  5. Apply a clear top coat and allow your nails time to dry. 
This nail look is so fun and pretty and you can make it even more unique by adding designs over the ombre or different nail combos! Let me know in comments below if you try out the nail look.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

3 Ways to Make Your Legs Look Longer

How To Make Yout Legs Look Long

I love making my legs look long and lean and I also love wearing heels, but sometimes I just am not in the mood to wear heels. However, I've found three easy ways to make myself feel tall and make others think my legs are going on for miles without the use of wedges and heels. The firsy way is to match the color of your jeans with the color of your shoes. Keep grey jeans with grey shoes, black with black, and so on. The best thing is that it works for all types of shoes! The number two way is to use jeans with a vertcial pattern, the best way is stripes. The vertical pattern makes it appear that your legs keep going and going because of the up and down print. Last, but not least is trying out high-waisted jeans which add height since the jeans go up into your upper body. High-waisted jeans also help out the ladies with super short or longer torsos because you have a reason to tuck in your shirt.  No matter what tip you try, you won't need heels which is a total plus since you get to have the extra comfort of flats!
How do you make your legs look long and lean?  

Friday, November 2, 2012

Get The Look: Taylor Swift In Glamour Magazine

Taylor Swift looks absolutely adorable, fun, quirky, and glamorous. I love her big hair full of beautiful curls, her dark lashes, bold brows,rosy blush, and red lips. You also can't forget about her classic red mani and outfit full of sparkles and sequins. All you need to recreate this look are mascara, a neutral eyeshadow palette, rosy blush, a red lipstick in a darker shade, and red nail polish. You may also need a curling iron and teasing brush for the hair.
  1. Begin with a clean face and add concealer if necessary. Add foundation if needed as well to give your skin an even tone.
  2. Use a eyeshadow a hit darker than your natural eyebrow color and use short strokes with an angle brush to fill in your brows. A darker shade will define your brows and make your eyes stand out.
  3. Add a bit of brown eyeshadow to your lids and a darker color to your crease. Make your eyeshadow form to a shape that fits your eye best.
  4. Line your tight line with a black eyeliner pencil. Coat your top and bottom lashes with 2-3 coats of mascara.
  5. Put primer on your lips for a nice base, then slowly and smoothly add the lipstick on top. Use a concealer to hide any mistakes or change your lip shape.
  6. Take your blush and brush from the apples of your cheeks to your temples. Be sure to blend.
  7. Take a curling iron and wrap 1 1/2 inch sections around the barrel. Tease the base of the curl and finger comb through for a big, voluminous curl look.
  8. Polish your nails with the red polish for a classic, pretty nails look.
  9. Put on a sparkly or sequined outfit to have the complete look recreated!
Let me now if you try out the look!