Monday, August 18, 2014

Beauty 101: How I Grew Out My Eyebrows

Like many other girls around the world, I struggled to keep a "strong brow game". My eyebrows endured about 4 years of waxing, brow shape changing, and, of course, over tweezing on my behalf. However, 6 months ago my brow maintenance had to change after my eyebrow were waxed off ultra thin a week before prom! Since that day, I hid my brow tweezers and scissors from myself (Yes, I endured the tiny, stubbly new growth!). For 2-3 months, I relied only on brushing my eyebrows and utilizing brow pencils to perfect the shape. By month 3, I used tweezers to remove hairs that were obviously outside of my natural brow shape. Through removing the out of place hairs, my brows started to form a natural arch, perfecting my brow game. Now, 6 months later, I leave the tweezers alone for at least 3 weeks before removing any out of place hairs.

Quick Tips!
  1. Hide tweezers, eyebrow scissors, and wax! Your growing your eyebrows out, not removing them.
  2. Brush your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush to keep them neat. 
  3. When tweezing, only tweeze hairs outside of the natural brow shape.
  4. Place conditioners on your eyebrows to promote growth. 
  5. Don't fantasize over everyone else's eyebrows! An eyebrow shape frames an individual's face, so an eyebrow shape is unique to every person. 
How do you maintain your brows?  

Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to School: Kickin' Into Fall

Back to School: Kickin' Into Fall

Back to School: Kickin' Into Fall by lyndseycamille featuring high heel shoes
Whenever back to school season comes back around, I love to get a pair of new shoes. However, I make sure not to purchase anymore summer shoes: sandals, flip flops, etc. Instead, I like to get a cute pair of shoes that will work for a lot of walking, match a majority of my outfits, and make me feel like I'm walking a catwalk. Below are descriptions of my favorite back to school shoe styles and why they work!
  1. Slip-ons! Slip-ons are a simple version of sneakers that mimic flats with a whole lot of comfort. Slip-ons come in a variety of prints and colors that will go with any outfit and fit into any style. 
  2. Oxfords! Oxfords are my favorite shoe style! Oxfords now have a feminine take on menswear, especially because of the new prints, lace additions, and other features now being added to them. Also, your feet will thank you for the comfort.
  3. Booties! Booties are the perfect transition shoe as it gets closer to fall. Booties can work with shorts, dresses, and, of course, future fall and winter outfits. 
  4. Wedges! Heels are fabulous, but don't always work for a school day. However, wedges, especially with rubber on the bottom, can work for a school. Wedges give height and add ultimate chicness to any look without taking away too much comfort.
What are your favorite shoe styles?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Back to School: Outfit Inspo for All Styles

I love a glam look for daytime! Zendaya goes glam for day in an all denim ensemble of overalls and a denim button up. She then pairs the look with pops of color in the shoes and make-up. Transition the look for back to school by sticking to simple accessories, swapping to flats or lower heels, and keeping the beauty (make-up and hair) on the casual side.
Bella Thorne
For the simple, yet outgoing girl, printed pants mixed with a solid top. Printed pants instantly make any outfit look more "done" and fashionable. Mix up a variety of colored and printed pants in your back to school wardrobe for lots of options.

Taylor Swift
Embody a girly style with a skater skirt and flats or cute heels. A pretty skater skirt adds a dose of sweetness to a look especially when paired with a pristine pair of flats and nice bag to hold all your necessities.

Have you planned your back to school looks? 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back to School: All About the Braids

My favorite hair look at the moment is long braids, whether in the form of tight twists or box braids. This hairstyle lasts up to 3 months, but never gets boring. For the first three months of school, a multitude of hairstyles from buns, ponytails, and updos. Braids are perfect for those who want to grow out their hair or save on some time in the morning. 
Zendaya makes a simple protective hairstyle look fab! A braid such as the one above is commonly called a halo braid, crown braid, or, simply, a wrap-around braid. When constructing the braid, be sure to create straight parts and detangle the hair as necessary. Finish off the braid with a bun, ponytail, or pin it up to make the braid look continuous! This look can last all week and work as a low-manipulation style.
Cymphonique Miller
Keep it cute and easy with a side braid (or, even a ponytail braid facing backwards). A braid such as Cymphonique's can be accomplished by creating a ponytail and braiding the hair in the ponytail. If any hair is wished to be left out, just create a simple part and clip it out of the way while braiding.

What is your go-to back to school hairstyle?

Friday, August 1, 2014

Back to School: Picking the Backpack

Back to School: Backpacks

Back to School: Backpacks by lyndseycamille featuring JanSport
Whether you're in high school or college, Back to School time is creeping up fast! For me, I have always wanted to carry the cutesy, small backpacks advertised in magazines; however, they could never hold my laptop and textbooks! So, to keep a cute look and strong back, try using a Jansport backpack. I always purchase and recommend Jansports because they have a lifelong warranty/guarantee and offer a variety of colors and styles. Below are a list of my favorite backpack style for the studious and chic student:
  1. Jansport Superbreak: This fuchsia colored, Superbreak backpack called my name as I was looking through the backpack options at Marshall's this past weekend. Since I like to wear a lot of printed outfits, I knew I wanted a solid colored backpack so I wouldn't be a clash of patterns. This bag is specifically designed to carry your entire life: laptop, textbooks, water bottle, lunch bag, and more. This bag is perfect for someone in college who needs all their items while on the go! 
  2. Jansport Florals: I am in love with the subtle florals and muted grey coloring of this backpack. This backpack is average-sized, meaning it will carry your essentials, but not as much as the Superbreak. I recommend this bag for high schoolers or anyone who doesn't carry an abundance of textbooks. 
  3. Jansport Buckles: This backpack could be considered unisex in my books. I love the buckle accents that give ordinary black and brown colors just enough pizzazz. Plus, the bag is longer the typical backpack which allows more space for laptops, books, and binders. 
  4. Jansport Right Pack: This bag has a beautiful color and print scheme that will calm anyone down. This bag is perfect for protecting your items because of the thick leather and suede bottom (it also won't gt very dirty down there!) This backpack is also only a bit smaller than the Superbreak!
Whatever you backpack you pick for the school year, make sure it fits the essentials (education is a must-have!). Also, using a too small backpack can and will result in back, shoulder, and neck aches; not good! Be sure to look online for the best deals in backpack and to check out every print and style option available.

What backpack are you toting for the school year? 

This post is NOT sponsored by Jansport.