Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hair 101: Dianna Argon's Versatile Bob

Girly Look
Edgy Look
Dianna Argon's short bob haircut is so versatile and such a change from her former long blonde locks. The bob haircut seems to transform anyone into a bombshell beauty! The bob haircut is very popular and can be styled any type of way and can be cut in different lengths from the collarbone up. Dianna is always styling her bob in new ways such as her girly look where she curled her hair creating gorgeous waves. She shows that you don't have to have long locks to curl your hair, the trick is to purchase a smaller barrel curling iron to fit the length of your hair. My favorite bob look from Dianna has to be her edgy look where she let her frizz shine and become chic! She left her hair in its natural texture and made the strands a little peicey giving off a rocker vibe. Dianna definitely showcases that a haircut, especially a short bob, does not havve to look the same 24/7. Any haircut can be transformed with just a little product, a hot tool, or even just by leaving it in its natural state. Try it out!


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  2. It looks great on her! XX Kirsten

  3. Love it!

    xoxo Amina


  4. Wooooow, the edgy look is gorgeous!




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