Monday, April 28, 2014

Beauty 101: Avoid a Spring Make-Up Meltdown

Make-Up Meltdown

Along with the warm temps of spring comes lots of pollen and allergies. Pollen and allergies mean a lot of watering eyes resulting in a make-up meltdown! However, transitioning your make-up for a simple, every day spring look is the easiest fix! Below are three tips and tricks on how to avoid a spring make-up meltdown.

  1. Instead of focusing on the eye make-up which will easily melt off, create a bold lip. A bold lip can pull together an entire beauty look and make it stand out. Since the temperatures are continuously warming up, be sure to use a lip balm to protect lips from getting sunburned before applying lipstick and lipgloss. 
  2. Defined brows are just as bold as lipstick. Bold brows can frame your face giving off a fierce, clean, and fresh faced look. So, put down those tweezers, unless plucking stray hairs, and use shadow and eyebrow pencils to create a nice eyebrow shape. 
  3. In order to still make your eyes pop, try a water-proof mascara paired with a smudgier eyeliner. Before applying mascara, use a eyelash curler to define the lashes and keep them out of eyes. Also, utilize a lighter foundation with sunscreen to protect skin.
What is your spring make-up routine?

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