Monday, May 12, 2014

Beauty 101: My Summer Skincare Staples

Summer Skincare Products

  1. For the past 5-6 weeks, I have been using the Clinique Acne Solutions products. These products have done wonders with controlling my occasional breakouts and oiliness of my skin. This product is especially useful for the summer heat which causes me to sweat even more by removing the excess oils and bacteria.
  2. A self-controlled exfoliator is a great product for anyone with oily skin, dark spots, or just feels like their skin needs some rejuvenation. With an exfoliating pad or brush, you can more easily control the harshness of the brush which can be a big factor for people with sensitive skin. During the high temps, skin can get clogged with oil and an exfoliator can clean up all those pores!
  3. A nice moisturizer is needed all year long to keep skin protected from the sun with built in sunscreen and hydrated. I like to use Neutrogena Visibly Even, both the everyday moisturizer and BB Cream when I want some coverage, to keep my skin looking fresh with a little glow. 
  4. I have recently (recently as of yesterday) purchased African Black Soap in order to control the slight breakouts I have noticed appearing of my shoulders. Multiple reviews state that the black soap will help control and rid of the acne with the use of natural ingredients that will control my skin's oiliness and the pre-existing problem spots. 
What are your summer skincare staples? 

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  1. I always forget those exfoliator brushes exists, which brings me to something I just learned about, dry brushing. Such an interesting concept.


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