Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hair 101: Girly, Messy, Chic!

I love this super girly, yet messy and casual, updo! The curls are flirty and a cute bow accent will make it even more adorable which makes the look perfect for a date or a casual day out. All you need to recreate the look is a curling iron or wand, a hair tie, bobby pins, and a hair scarf. Recreate the look with these easy steps down below:
  1. Begin by curling all your hair into loose ringlets. It does not have the be perfect.
  2. Section off the hair in front so that it will frame your face.
  3. Take the hair left in the back and pull it up into a high ponytail. Make sure the ponytail is not pulled too tight.
  4. Use the bobby pins to help keep your hair in place and put the curls exactly where you want them.
  5. Take a cute hair scarf and wrap it into a bow right in-between the ponytail and bang.
Now you have a cute messy updo that's great for getting the hair off your face for the summer while still being able to look chic. Let me know in the comments below how the style works for you.
How do you keep hair off your face?


  1. Very nice picture of her! I love head scarfs I actually found some of them from this French Designer: http://www.rinatilakel.com/

  2. Love this cute messy hairdo.


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