Sunday, October 27, 2013

How to Style: The Tomboy Chic Look

Selena Gomez
Keep a tomboy chic look girly by adding voluminous curls to your hair. Add hints of blush and mascara to make your face glow!
Add stylish pops to color to your look with fun sneakers! You can even make your look even cooler with a patterned or printed top. A top with a cool logo or saying is also a great conversation starter.

Beanies are always cute and practical in the cold weather. Mix and match your loo with lots of prints to keep your look fashionable, not boring. Also, prevent a tomboy look from being too baggy bu tucking the front piece of your shirt into your pants.

How do you wear the Tomboy Chic look?


  1. Such interesting styles.

  2. I could never pull off the tomboy chic look, but I definitely like these suggestions! Zendaya is awesome at pulling off this look!


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