Friday, February 21, 2014

Prom Inspiration: Sarah Hyland Glam

Sarah Hyland Clothes
This dress is perfect for an Old Hollywood or Great Gatsby themed prom solely because of the soft nude colors accented by simple jewels on the bodice. Sarah is able to show off her tiny waist by wearing a dress that forms to her top half and softly flows out to the floor. Plus, you can save on the shoes because most likely they will never be seen! However, I would splurge more on the jewelry so more "shine" can be added to the look.
Sarah Hyland Clothes
This dress is pure glamour, partly due to the dramatic black color and partly to the silk peplum accent. The peplum creates and accentuates the waist which will instantly give off an hourglass shape. This dress is great pair with long curls like Sarah's or even a simple side-bun with sparkly hair pins. Also, when wearing a dress that has its own accents, there is no need for a lot of extra accessories. Just let the dress, and you, speak for itself. 
Sarah Hyland Shoes
So I'll be honest, I extremely dislike short prom dress, or any short formal dress at that. However, I am in love with mid-length prom dresses. Mid-length prom dresses are short enough to show off fabulous shoes, but long enough to still look like a prom dress. Sarah's mid-length dress is adorned in chic layers and a very formfitting corset-like top. Like Sarah's other dress choices, this corset top accentuates her tiny waist and creating an hourglass shape. 

How are your prom adventures? 


  1. WoW! They are Amazing pics!!!
    I love the first one!
    Timeless Mode

  2. I love the first dress. xx



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