Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to School: Kickin' Into Fall

Back to School: Kickin' Into Fall

Back to School: Kickin' Into Fall by lyndseycamille featuring high heel shoes
Whenever back to school season comes back around, I love to get a pair of new shoes. However, I make sure not to purchase anymore summer shoes: sandals, flip flops, etc. Instead, I like to get a cute pair of shoes that will work for a lot of walking, match a majority of my outfits, and make me feel like I'm walking a catwalk. Below are descriptions of my favorite back to school shoe styles and why they work!
  1. Slip-ons! Slip-ons are a simple version of sneakers that mimic flats with a whole lot of comfort. Slip-ons come in a variety of prints and colors that will go with any outfit and fit into any style. 
  2. Oxfords! Oxfords are my favorite shoe style! Oxfords now have a feminine take on menswear, especially because of the new prints, lace additions, and other features now being added to them. Also, your feet will thank you for the comfort.
  3. Booties! Booties are the perfect transition shoe as it gets closer to fall. Booties can work with shorts, dresses, and, of course, future fall and winter outfits. 
  4. Wedges! Heels are fabulous, but don't always work for a school day. However, wedges, especially with rubber on the bottom, can work for a school. Wedges give height and add ultimate chicness to any look without taking away too much comfort.
What are your favorite shoe styles?

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