Friday, August 1, 2014

Back to School: Picking the Backpack

Back to School: Backpacks

Back to School: Backpacks by lyndseycamille featuring JanSport
Whether you're in high school or college, Back to School time is creeping up fast! For me, I have always wanted to carry the cutesy, small backpacks advertised in magazines; however, they could never hold my laptop and textbooks! So, to keep a cute look and strong back, try using a Jansport backpack. I always purchase and recommend Jansports because they have a lifelong warranty/guarantee and offer a variety of colors and styles. Below are a list of my favorite backpack style for the studious and chic student:
  1. Jansport Superbreak: This fuchsia colored, Superbreak backpack called my name as I was looking through the backpack options at Marshall's this past weekend. Since I like to wear a lot of printed outfits, I knew I wanted a solid colored backpack so I wouldn't be a clash of patterns. This bag is specifically designed to carry your entire life: laptop, textbooks, water bottle, lunch bag, and more. This bag is perfect for someone in college who needs all their items while on the go! 
  2. Jansport Florals: I am in love with the subtle florals and muted grey coloring of this backpack. This backpack is average-sized, meaning it will carry your essentials, but not as much as the Superbreak. I recommend this bag for high schoolers or anyone who doesn't carry an abundance of textbooks. 
  3. Jansport Buckles: This backpack could be considered unisex in my books. I love the buckle accents that give ordinary black and brown colors just enough pizzazz. Plus, the bag is longer the typical backpack which allows more space for laptops, books, and binders. 
  4. Jansport Right Pack: This bag has a beautiful color and print scheme that will calm anyone down. This bag is perfect for protecting your items because of the thick leather and suede bottom (it also won't gt very dirty down there!) This backpack is also only a bit smaller than the Superbreak!
Whatever you backpack you pick for the school year, make sure it fits the essentials (education is a must-have!). Also, using a too small backpack can and will result in back, shoulder, and neck aches; not good! Be sure to look online for the best deals in backpack and to check out every print and style option available.

What backpack are you toting for the school year? 

This post is NOT sponsored by Jansport. 

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