Friday, March 20, 2015

Beauty 101: My Everyday Make-Up Routine

Long time, no blog! I truly apologize for the blogging delay, senior year is crazier than ever! However, with all the craze of academia, my make-up routine has come a long way. Instead of spending time scouring the shelves for red and pink lipsticks, I love finding great mascaras, light-weight foundations, and fierce eyeliners. So, for my new daily makeup routine, I incorporate just those tools. Keep reading below to find out the steps to my make-up routine:
  1. Clean, moisturized face! I always start my make-up routine with a cleansed face. I typically cleanse my skin with cold water or dabs of Neutrogena Rapid Clear toner. This helps to maintain my skins natural health. I also follow up with a moisturize to give my skin an extra glow! 
  2. Clinique Powder Foundation/Maybelline BB Cream! Foundation ultimately helps me to cover up my dark spots and make my skin appear more even. The BB cream also helps to fade my dark spots which is a double plus!
  3. The brows! For my eyebrows, I use Benefit Gimme Brow. This product looks like a mascara brush, but is used for your brows! It helps to define the shape and fill in any gaps or sparse areas. Plus, if too much products gets in the brows, simply use an eyebrow brush to wipe the excess away. 
  4. Neutral shades! Neutral eyeshadow shades always make brown eyes pop! My favorite shades are dark browns for the crease, soft golds, and lighter browns for the brow bone.
  5. Finish the eye! In order to finish off my eyes, I love to do a slight cat eye with pencil liner in either black or brown. I then finish it off with mascara, usually brands such as Clinique and Benefit. 
  6. Luscious lips! Now, I am not one for lots of lip color, but I do like my lips to feel and look soft and smooth. So, I always use a lipbalm to keep them as just that! 

Tell me about your make-up routine below!

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  1. Love your makeup!
    Your brows are "On fleek"!!



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