Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fashion 101: Every Girl's Bra Dilemma

Every Girl's Bra Dilemma

Every Girl's Bra Dilemma by lyndseycamille 
Shopping is probably at the top my list of favorite things to do on the weekend; however, bringing it home and styling can be a different story sometimes. For instance, spring is here and summer is coming, meaning shoulders will be out in an array of styles and cuts. So, what type of bra should we wear under these crazy cut tops? Well, I have a couple of bra style tips, just keep reading below:
  • Bralette (top left): Bralettes are the perfect bra to place underneath sheer tops, kimonos, and whenever you want to add a touch of lace to an outfit. Typically bras should not be shown underneath clothing, however a bralette resembles an even shorter version of a crop top while still supporting the girls!
  • Bandeau (bottom left): Similar to bralettes, bandeaus are perfect for keeping your "goods" covered without having to layer up with t-shirts and camisoles. Bandeaus are super cheap and can be found anywhere from department stores to Wal-Mart!
  • Strapless Bra (top right): Every girl should own at least one strap less bra! Strapless bras are perfect for just about any top: spaghetti straps, halter back etc. Strapless bras also come in varieties of their own such as plunging v-neck or addable straps!
  • T-Shirt Bra (bottom right): The t-shirt bra is essentially an everyday bra! Be sure to try the t-shirt style bra on in the store, and even get fitted if need be! A t-shirt bra should be comfortable and, particularly, in a color that can easily mix and match with an everyday wardrobe. 
  • Razor-Back Bra (middle): With the warmer temps, tanks and camisoles are becoming an everyday essential! A razor-back bra will help to give you the needed support and won't necessarily play peek-a-boo with your top.
  • Adhesive Bra (bottom middle: Now for those special events that having an "oops" moment with a bra could be mortifying, an adhesive bra is perfect. Many times strapless dress and formal gowns with cut-outs or more revealing shapes still need a bra. However, it's always extremely hard to find the perfect bra style to pair it with! Adhesive bras can be found in almost any skin tone and bra size. Just adhere the sticky side of the bra to the breast and instantly have the feel and look of wearing a bra!
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