Monday, November 11, 2013

Hair 101: Out with the Topknot!

Topknots are such old news! Although topknots are a chic way to keep your hair in place and out of your face, a cool ponytail can also do the trick. Ponytails are also much easier on the hair because they require less pulling, tying down, and pinning. All you need for most ponytail looks are a few ponytail holders, bobby pins, and a brush. Keep on reading to find the perfect ponytail for you!
Nina Dobrev
For a chic and put together ponytail that will work for both casual and more formal occasions, try Nina Dobrev's slick ponytail. You'll want to start off by adding moisture or any type of cream that will keep your hair nice and sleek. Then part a 2-inch section at the top of your hair to create slight "poof". Next, take all the hair and brush it back into a ponytail, the height of the pony is totally up to you. Make sure to secure with a ponytail holder. Before finishing up, take an 1-inch section from the ponytail and wrap it around the ponytail holder.
Selena Gomez
A messy fishtail braid is perfect for casual dates, school, and maybe even a red carpet moment like Selena! This look is perfect for protecting your hair since it involves no intense pulling or tugging on the hair. Just start by brushing all the hair to one side. Let the shorter pieces of hair hang natural and pull out a few extra pieces that fram your face. Create a side ponytail and secure it with a ponytail holder. Then with the remaing hair, begin the fishtail braid. Secure the end of the fishtail with a small ponytail holder. Next, remove the first ponytail holder that was used to create the side ponytail and add a fullness by gently widening sections of the braid. Finish off the look by adding a slight curls to the "undone" pieces with a curling iron.
Bella Thorne
A bubble braid is the epitome of a fun and quirky hairstyle. A bubble braid can help show off your fun earrings, like Bella, or your favorite color by using colorful elastic band. To recreate the look, pull your hair up into a high ponytail. Then being adding elastic bands to the ponytail that are about 1.5 inches apart from one another. After the elastic band are in place, go back and add a fuller look to each section by gently pulling the hair. Don't forget that you can even leave out your bang or pieces of hair to frame your face.

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