Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beauty 101: The Secrets of Gel Nails

Kate Spade Fashion Week Manicure 
Nail art is the fun trend that we all love! Like any other form of art, nail art is full of infinite designs, prints, and colors. Perfect for any fashion/beauty look, mood, or self-expression for the day. However, we all know the feeling of utter disappointment when a perfectly polished nail chips. So, to combat chipped manicures, gel nails were created. Gel nails give a perfectly polished, glossy manicure that can last up to 2 weeks! What more could a nail polish maven ask for?! However, there are some pros and cons to gel nails. 

  • As gel nail popularity continues to rise, more and more colors and nail art techniques continue to rise. So, don't even think you have to give up your favorite nail designs! 
  • Gel nails can withstand just about anything, from digging around in your purse to washing the dishes! No chips...AT. ALL. 
  • The glossy film of gel nails keeps your hands and nails looking fresh and well groomed.  
  • Gel nails are super easy to apply at home! Purchase a gel nail kit, carefully follow the instruction, and you will always have top notch nails. 
  • Although gel nails don't chip, I have experienced peeling. However, for me, the peeling usually occurs after cleaning with chemicals or subduing the polish in liquid for extended periods of time. 
  • Nails can weaken after excessive gel nail use. When taking gel nails off, you must be very careful not to peel off the actually layer of nail because it will cause the nail to weaken. 
  • Because gel nails are so secure on the nail, the real nails do not receive a lot of oxygen causing bacteria to build up. 
Now, I am sure there are many more pros and cons of gel nails, but it is entirely up to you whether or not to try a gel manicure. My personal advice is to go for it, but be sure to care for your real nails and wait 2 weeks in between gel nail application. 

Be sure to send me your gel nail photos and let me know your gel nail experience! 

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