Monday, July 14, 2014

Trend 101: Faux Body Jewelry

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner sports several ear cartilage piercings in a profile selfie on Instagram. 

Rihanna steps out and reveals a new septum piercing. 
Trends are always coming and going, whether we like it or not. With that said, I am not fond of body jewelry (body piercings), other than a two simple ear piercings. No, I'm not a prude, body jewelry is more like a tattoo and sticks with you one way or another throughout your life. However, that's the biggest cause of the new body jewelry trends. Body jewelry no longer requires alcohol, a piercing gun, and weeks of care, only the actual jewelry. Instead of sticking to the same body jewelry pieces for months, anyone can purchase faux ear chains, septum rings, and more. And, if you like the look enough, you can even decide to go for the actual piercings. For myself, I love to rock ear chains whenever I wear my hair up to give my face a little more sparkle and edge!

How do you rock body jewelry? 

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