Monday, April 29, 2013

DIY Nails: Bright and Fun Colorblock

I decided to enter the Sally Hansen nail design competition and the theme for this month's nails was colorblock! I decided to make my colorblock original by using three of my favorite colors paired with a strong white to break them up. You can even vote for my nail design on and you will see "lyndseycamille" by my design. If you would like to recreate my nail design, all you need is three bright contrasting colors, a white nail striper, and a clear top and base coat.
  1. Begin with clean nails and coat them with a clear base coat.
  2. Pick which design shape you would like to recreate and place polish color on each needed section. The lines do not need to be perfect since a white line will be used on top of it.
  3. Use the white nail striper in between each polish color. Make the line as thick or thin as you would like.
  4. Allow your nails time to dry, then coat them with a clear top coat. 
You can use any colors you want and go with any design shape to represent your colorblock. Also, if you noticed my rings, there will be a DIY coming very soon!
What are your favorite color(s)?


  1. oh so cute, almost tribal and surely spring time!
    you are an artist!
    wish you a sunny week full of inspiration!

  2. Thank you! Love the rings and the colors you use on your nails :)

  3. Nice color combo and shapes. This is a pretty cool nail art!


  4. Looks so bright and pretty! I am going to try this!!

    Tamryn @TotallyTamryn - "A Beautician's Beauty Basics"

  5. love love your nails and rings))

    xoxo Christy


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