Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Trend Alert: Love of the Crop Top

Crop tops have made their way back from the 90's and are going to be a hit in the summer time! At first I felt that crop tops were just a little too revealing, but now I've learned the many different ways of styling the crop top to make it look perfect for you. Below are some of my favorite crop top looks and why they caught my eye.
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba is always a fashion fave because of her subtle chicness. I love the sleek sophistication to this look and the peep of skin helps to make this look more interesting instead an ordinary all black ensemble.
Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens has the boho look down pat which means crop tops are a necessity in her closet. What I love about her crop top look is the pretty feminine feel it gives along with the lace. Since it's a crop top you don't have to worry about the lace becoming too "old lady" or childish which is absolutely perfect.

Miley Cyrus
Summertime is all about fun patterns and bright colors which is why I'm really digging Miley's fitted crop top. It really shows off her figure and can be worn for a casual day out with anything from high waisted shorts, a skirt, to skinny jeans. You can also pair a fitted and patterned crop with so many looks from edgy to girly with the right accessories which makes it very versatile.
Selena Gomez
Lastly, Selena Gomez is on my list because I absolutely love this fun. girly look. A bustier crop top can instantly become racy if not paired correctly, but with this high waisted, a line skirt all you can get is girliness. Plus Selena's simple waves and Barbie pink heels keep the look very appropriate.
How do you style your crop tops?


  1. Crop tops are really playful, youthful and just scream summer to me :) They're a really good way to have fun with proportions as well. A peek of skin can be flirty without going overboard, like in Jessica Alba's outfit.

  2. I think I now own about 30 crop tops! I love pairing them with anything high-waisted - shorts, jeans, leggings or skirts!

  3. omg miley looks horrible...

  4. love this post!! Miley and Vanessa look so nice

  5. I like this look. My fav look is on Selena :)

    Tamryn @TotallyTamryn - "A Beautician's Beauty Basics"


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