Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Confidence 101: No Makeup, No Worries

Demi Lovato 
I believe that being able to go out without any makeup is a key to confidence. It shows that your proud of your natural beauty and know how to embrace it. Plus, even if your the biggest makeup lover your skin needs time to breath and refresh itself which means a day or so without makeup. Also, since it's gradually becoming warmer it's time to slow down on the foundation and other products that will sweat off and go for more natural looks. However, don't take me to literally, I do mean to at least brush/comb your hair and keep your face washed! I challenge my readers to pick one day out of the week to go completely natural and embrace it! (I usually go au naturale on Wednesday just because it's the middle of the week)
How long can you go without makeup?


  1. I only started wearing makeup about a year ago, and now I just can't seem to leave the house without it... it's horrible. Really wish I can go back to wearing little to none and leave the house, but for now it's a bit hard!

  2. I saw this picture on google a few days ago and I love her hair - I know she posted it on twitter about no makeup but her hair is gorgeous :)


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