Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DIY: Dainty Wire Rings

I love dainty rings that wrap around the entire fingers and knuckles and go with just about anything! That's why I decided to take a trip to my local crafts store and pick up the tools I needed to stock up my ring collection. Keep on reading to find out how to make your own dainty wire rings.
Your going to want to start by picking up a pair of wire cutters, a nail polish bottle the same size as your finger, and wire, preferably 20 gauge wire. 
You can start by wrapping the wire in cool designs and using the wire cutter to cut off the excessive amount of wire from around your finger.
You can also begin by "measuring" out the amount of wire you need around the nail polish bottle and cutting it about a centimeter out from where the wire ends touch each other.
My favorite part is actually creating loops and words which is done by using your fingers or the wire cutter's pointy ends and moving the wire until it forms the shape you desire.

What are your favorite DIY projects?


  1. Such a lovely idea! I like your nails too x


  2. Fab DIY :) they look lovely xx

  3. I made some like these too! I love how yours turned out.

  4. Really pretty rings, I should try this DIY, too!


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