Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fashion 101: Girly Girl Fun

The girly girl look is super fun and especially perfect for the spring and summer. The bright colors, heels, skirt, and occurs the tons of accessories make the girly girl style so great to play around with! Some of my favorite girly girl styles come from celebs like Ariana Gomez, Taylor Swift, and brands like Forever 21. Below are some of my favorite girly girl looks and how you can incorporate them in your wardrobe.
Bella Thorne
This suit is perfect for a classy, chic, girly look that will still keep you looking young and feminine. The nude/ off white color of the suit gives the suit a bit of a different look and helps the silver heels to pop. The clutch always makes a look really chic but the color patterns keep with the girly girl look along with the showing off of the collar bone because of the sweetheart top.
A-line skirts have always been a girly style, but paired with the pastel pink and blue tie dye. The sparkle collar adds a bit of casual glamour to the look while the sky heels complete with the straps are super flirty. Not only does the outfit go with the girly look, but Zendaya's wavy hair is romantic and her pink glossy looks add subtle sweetness.
Taylor Swift Clothes
Taylor Swift
This girly look is perfect for dances and fancy dates because of the flowiness and the cutouts. The cutouts add flirtiness, youthfulness, and fun without going overboard. The pumps are definitely a nod to the most girliest girl of them all, Barbie, and makes the look super cute!
How do you style girly girl looks?


  1. I am in love with Taylor's dress! Great post. x

    Tanya | Cat at Heart

  2. Wow taylor looks amaze; head to toe. I always wear feminine colours to give it a girly look..
    Rebecca x Ze Makeup


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