Sunday, June 30, 2013

Beauty 101: 6 Summer Skin Care Essentials

Summer Skin Care

As the summer keeps heating up, I've been noticing I have to exfoliate and moisturizer my face so much more! Above are 6 products that I think are essential for maintaining great skin for summer. Keep reading below to find out more about each product.

  1. Facial Scrub! Take off the dead skin with a facial scrub to allow your skin to breath. All of the extra oil on your face needs to be removed so it create more black heads and zits.
  2. Chapstick! Dry lips hurt and sun spots aren't cute, so remember to keep your lip moisturized with the help of chapstick.
  3. Moisturizer! Although it's summer, you still need a moisturizer no matter what your skin type is. The moisturizer helps protect your skin, especially if it has SPF, and keeps it from being dry and flaky.
  4. SPF! SPF is needed all year long,, but especially in the hot days of summer. Try to make sure there SPF in al1 the beauty products you purchase so your skin will have all the protection it can get.
  5. BB Cream! If need to cover up any blemishes, try a BB cream for the summer because it light weight and has SPF which is perfect for summertime.
  6. Body Butter! Make sure your arms and legs look shiny and smooth in all your summer outfits with the use of a body butter.
What are your summer skin care essentials?


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  2. Yes! skin needs care. But in the summer it needs more care. Cleanser, Toner, Serum and Moisturiser are initial care of skin.

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  3. Is it bad that I still haven't used a BB cream before! :O

    It's on my to do list!

    I love your blog :)

    Jade xx

  4. Nice choices! I love the clinique moisturizer :)

    Liliana from Um Blog Fashion

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