Monday, June 3, 2013

Fashion 101: Shorts Mania

Shorts Mania
I did a lot of shopping this past weekend and the number one thing I noticed was the wide variety of shorts. I'm used to just wearing a plain pair of denim shorts with the only "unique" feature being whether they were light or dark wash. However, now shorts vary from lace, silk, printed, high waisted, cuffed, and even more which make your summer wardrobe choices even more fun! Lace shorts addd a daintiness and feminine touch to your look, but I would make sure that lace is not completely see through so that you're not showing all your goods. Some shorts even come in all around print making it them the center of attention and more dressed up for special occassions such as dates in the summer time. Of course there are also high waisted shorts which will show off your figure and shorts with prints that you can even DIY.

What type of shorts do you rock in the summertime?

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  1. I'm loving the yellow houndstooth! Unique but still chic.


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