Friday, January 10, 2014

Beauty 101: Shine through Your Glasses

Zoe Saldana
Glasses, prescription or not, are one of the best practical accessories. However, makeup with glasses can seem a bit difficult. But guess what, it's not! When you wear glasses, you need to focus your makeup on your eyes and lips. Bold eyes shine through a glass lenses and lips always make a statement. Follow these tips below to shine through your glasses!
  • Shimmer Shadows! Shimmery shadows accentuate the sparkles in your eye. The shimmer shines through the lenses and lets you see past the frames.
  • Neutral Shadow! Neutral shadows look good on everyone. Neutral shades make your eyes pop by playing up your natural eye color.
  • Bold Lips! A bold lip pulls a look together and can make it look like you're wearing a full face of makeup when your not. Try a soft lip color or a color that matches your frames.
  • Graphic Liner! Graphic liner is totally cool whether it's a classic cat eye or edgy teal liner. Eyeliner is all about fun and will distract from your glasses.
  • Mascara! Mascara will make your lashes full and luscious. They will definitely take the attention away from your glasses.
  • Defined Brows! Glasses can take up a lot of space on your face. Your brows can even start to blend in your frames if you don't keep them framed. Keep your brows shaped, trimmed, or simply brushed to keep your brows from blending in with your glasses.
Whether you like your glasses or not, remember that good vision is always the most important thing. Plus, glasses are always trendy and can actually pull your look together! Always rock your frames with confidence. 
How do you rock your glasses?

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