Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Style and Beauty Goals

2014 Style and Beauty Goals

2014 Style and Beauty Goals by lyndseycamille featuring nars cosmetics
  1. Head gear! Well, not literally! This year I want to try a new kind of accessory, hats. I have never been one to wear a lot of hats, headbands, turbans, etc.; however, I want to try. A hat can pull together a look while headbands with cat ears just look fun!
  2. Bracelets! It may not be noticeable in pictures, but I have very small wrists. Because of this, bracelets always fall off so I rarely wear them. However, so many bracelets are coming in the forms of ties and belt-like straps which make them adjustable. So now I can create my own version of "arm candy" for 2014!
  3. Eye makeup! I love the look of big, bold lashes and strong brows. This year I want to create my perfect eye makeup routine. Not a routine with lots of colors, shimmer, and blending, but something simple but powerful. Dark, full lashes will accentuate any eyes and strong brows can complete a look.
  4. Prints and skirts! For 2014 I want to try bolder prints and cute a-line skirts. Although I already wear lots of prints, I want to get out of the usual cheetah prints and wear more graphic and abstract style prints. I also want to add skirts to my wardrobe which I seem to have a lack of. 
What are your style and beauty goals?

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