Monday, September 8, 2014

Beauty 101: How to Find Your Dark Lipstick Shade

Transition your red lip to fall by going to the deep side. Trade in the bright red lipsticks, for the darker hued reds for a darker, classic look. For fair skin ladies, try using a lighter red lipliner mixed with the darker lipstick to prevent the color from overpowering the face. For deeper toned ladies, go for a red that leans more to the deep brown shades. 
Rihanna has been rocking dark hued lipsticks for years! Trade in the dark reds and blacks, for a mauve-y, brown color. The color looks fantastic when paired with heavy eye makeup, or even a subtle smokey eye.
Selena Gomez
In need of a new color all togther? Go the Selena Gomez route and opted for a deep purple. Purple lipstick shades do not have to look like crayon marks! Go for lipstains first, then transition to the full on purple shades. 
Have you gone to the dark side of lipstick?

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