Monday, September 22, 2014

Beauty 101: Fall 2014 Nude Nail Trend

Fall 2014 Nude Nail Trend

Fall 2014 Nude Nail Trend by lyndseycamille featuring a nude nail color
I am a self-proclaimed manicure maven! My dresser is full of nail polish, from glitter polishes to bright neon polishes. An entire dresser drawer is home to nail design brushes and manicure kits. However, I won't be needing an abundance of color this Fall 2014 season. Throughout the summer, I became extremely bored within a repetition of bright pink, poppy coral, and classic red nail polish colors. So, I traded in bright colors for nude polishes. I found that the nude polishes complemented my accessories and made my fingers appear more elegant and lady-like. Now, two months later, who would've thought nude nails would become the Fall 2014 trend?! A nude nail look is all based upon your skin tone, a deep-toned lady may want to go for a more chocolate, rich nail color, a bronze-y girl for a soft tan polish, and a fairer skin girl for a creamy or pink-toned polish. Nude polishes are perfect because chips aren't as noticeable and can easily be dressed up with a coat of glitter polish.
What is your perfect shade of nude?

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