Monday, September 1, 2014

Style 101: Not Your Average Bag Lady

Not Your Average Bag Lady
I am a self-proclaimed "bag lady". If you've ever caught me at school, I probably have a huge book bag on my bike, lunch bag in my hand, and a purse clutched in my arms. However, this year I began to notice slight shoulder pains and an abundance of things I really don't need in my purse. No matter how much I cleaned and reorganized my bag, my huge satchel purse would not feel any lighter! So, this year I made an effort to find a small, chic crossbody bag that could carry my essentials: wallet, lipgloss, pencils, oil wipes, tissues, etc. I found just that in a super cute, and small, circular Jessica Simpson at T.J. Maxx! Just like the bags above, excluding the backpack, it's big enough to carry my essentials, but small enough not to weigh me down. Plus, small bags can mesh perfectly with any outfit! So, if you need a new everyday bag, try a mini-crossbody bag.

What is your perfect bag size?

P.S. I only added the backpack because it is chic, and perfect as a weekend bag!

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