Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hair 101: Spring Breaker Style

Spring break is all about relaxation meaning most of us are doing absolutely nothing. Whether you're doing absolutely nothing at the beach or on the couch, cute hairstyles are always a must! I love the look of wavy hair which can be achieved by letting your natural hair do its thing, the ocean water mixing into your hair, or simply using curl enhancing products to bring out your hair texture. Below are my top three favorite"Spring Breaker" hairstyles that even I will be rocking throughout my spring break. Don't forget that even if you don't have wavy or textured hair you can still do these amazing styles.
Vanessa Hudgens 
Vanessa is known for having a boho easygoing style which is definitely seen through her casual wavy bun. If it happens to be warmer wherever you are for spring break it is always good to get to your hair out of your face. All you need to do to achieve this hairstyle is pull all your hair up into a high bun and secure with an elastic and bobby pins. This bun is all about being carefree so it's okay if your bangs fall out and as well as a few pieces of the bun, just use clips to secure the pieces you don't want sticking out. 
Ashley Benson
Wavy hair is a go to if you are spending spring break at the beach because the humidity and water will make your hair's natural texture come out! All you want to make sure is that you keep a frizz serum so your hair will not go completely out of control and a comb to keep it tangle free. If you won't be at the beach getting gorgeous beach waves, you can always braid your hair overnight or you use curl enhancing products along with a scrunching technique to get your own beach waves. 

Jennifer Lawrence 
Last, but not least is a spunky messy ponytail . They the higher the hair, the closer to Heaven which is exactly the vibe Jennifer Lawrence is giving off with her high ponytail. A high ponytail always gives off a look of perkiness and ease, plus they're super easy to create. A messier ponytail is more casual and everyday, but if you add small detail such as tamed bangs and a piece of hair wrapped around the elastic, you will have a more polished and trendy high ponytail.

What do you have planned for spring break? 


  1. I love Vanessa's bun!!! Ashley's hair is amazing and Jennifer... No words, she is PERFECT!!! Love the post

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  4. Love Jennifer Lawrence's hairstyle! :) Ashley Benson's is great too x


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