Monday, March 11, 2013

Fashion 101: Styling the Military Jacket

Military jackets are definitely a trend that will be staying, even throughout spring! Spring is not an entirely hot season which means light weight jackets and cardigans will be needed. A military jacket is a great light weight throw over that can easily go with any outfit despite its very distinct pattern. The black, brown, and dark green colors in camo are all part of neutral color families which mean that they can go with other colors in your outfit easily without clashing. Below are three of my fave celebs sporting military jacket with tips on how you can rock them to.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez is very casual and cool while wearing dark wash skinny jeans, black booties, and a blue t-shirt paired with a military jacket. The military jacket keeps her casual look from being boring and too simple by adding a trend and visual appeal through the pattern. A military jacket is such a great alternative to a hoodie or everyday jacket.

Kat Graham
Stud and spike detailing has been very popular and is a fun DIY project that you can do at home with a few materials. Kat Graham made her military jacket go from casual to glam with lots of gold detailing throughout the jacket and rolled up sleeves. Her sky high heels, black tights, oversized bag, and accessories add to her chic ensemble giving her a vibe of urban fabulous-ness.
Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens is known for her boho style which she always looks amazing in. Of course Vanessa will still keep with her bohemian look even in a military jacket. I love that Vanessa went for an all green jacket oppose to a camo look in this outfit because it is very subtle while still standing out because of its touch of bagginess. The military jacket is used as an accessory here in Vanessa's wide leg jeans, wide belt, and Wild Fox t-shirt look and it totally makes the look!
Are you liking the military jacket? 


  1. I like the looks, but I am afraid I don't wear this type of jackets myself, just not for me. x

  2. I love Kat Graham's outfit so much <3
    UK High Street Fashion

  3. I love this look - I keep meaning to try this style of jacket on I'm just not sure it would suit me!

  4. Love Kat's look! She totally made that jacket her own.

  5. great post! I totally love it, but for one reason or another I don't own one haha!

  6. In love with the military jackets)
    Kat Graham styles it so cool)loves it)

    xoxo Christy

  7. I love this trend!
    would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know...

  8. I'm loving the military jacket trend too! I love to see it juxtaposed against ladylike pieces. Great post!


  9. Love your tips for wearing a military jacket! My favorite is definitely Vanessa's! So gorgeous! :)


  10. Im loving the Military jacket trend too and Kat's jacket is insanely cute!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :)


    Tamara B.
    LilMissStyle Blog

  11. Nice post, i love the military trend! I would wear the jacket with a basic white tee, skinny jeans and a pair of high heels :)

  12. Selena linda demais!!!

  13. love military trend, nice pics

  14. Lovely pictures,gorgeous style! Love this trend :)

  15. Love a good military jacket. X

  16. Love the military trend!!

  17. I really need to buy myself one of these!

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  19. Love it a Biggest fan of Selena ,she is looking superb

  20. I love the second look, its very edgy:) Great post xx

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  21. Ahh, I wanted one of these for so long but didn't ever buy it, should think to buy it soon!

    However, nice blog! What about following each other? Let me know (:

  22. Awesome inspiration. I'm not a fan of camo, but I love the olive green military jackets.

    <3 Melissa

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  24. military jacket or camo...i love 'em both!

    a peek of chic

  25. I love this trend! It's so cool! And I like the second jacket!

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