Sunday, December 15, 2013

Get the Look: Beyonce's ***Flawless Video

Being the Beyonce super-fan I am, I purchased the latest Beyonce album. It is a must have if I do say so myself. After listening to every song and watching every video, I have come to the conclusion that "***Flawless" is my new favorite song. My favorite look from the "***Flawless" video is in the photograph above". I am in love with sultry, edgy make-up and bedhead hair. The look is easily attainable with the use of red lipstick, black eyeliner and mascara, and a curling iron.
  1. Begin with a clean face. Apply foundation and concealer as needed. 
  2. Apply eyeliner to the lower lash line. Allow the line to become thicker as it nears the outer corner of the eye.
  3. Apply eyeliner to the top lash line into a winged effect. Be sure to slightly smudge the liner for an edgier look. 
  4. Apply 2-3 coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes.
  5. Apply lipstick to lips. 
  6. Clean up any mistakes with a q-tip and make-up remover.
  7. Finish the look by wrapping sections of hair around a curling iron for 10-15 seconds. Then finger-comb the curls. Braiding the hair overnight will also give the same effect.
Have you listened to Beyonce's new album? List your favorite songs below!

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