Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Fashion Trends Review

Selena Gomez
A lot of crunches and ab workouts were done this year all because of the crop top. The midriff-baring crop top was seen all year long, no matter the season. Crop tops came in so many renditions, lace, sweater materials, long and short sleeves, even with a turtleneck!
Ashley Madekwe
Peplum tops made their mark by adding curve and shape to every figure! Peplums were seen as tops and featured in skirts and dresses. Peplums were easily dressed up or dressed down as well. Peplums gave even a simple outfit a does of chicness. 
Kylie Jenner
Leather is not a new thing. However, the fashion world was accustomed to only seeing it used in motorcycle jackets, boots, and pants. This year, leather was reinvented. 2013 saw leather a-line skirts, abstract skirts, even leather tops! Also, you can't forget about the array of colors leather was seen in throughout the year. 

The sporty chic look was also introduced this year. Sweatpants were no longer seen as a sign of fashion defeat, but as a comfy alternative. Sweatpants were paired with heels, preferably sneaker wedges and strappy heels. Sweatpants came in a variety of styles and colors as well as lots of fun graphic tees and sweatshirts to pair with. 

2013 saw so many trends, both good and bad, this year. So of course I was not able to list every single fashion moment. However, above were some of my favorite trends of the year. Let me know about yours in the comments below!
What fashion trends stood out to you this year?

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