Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Love Her Style: Ashley Madekwe

Okay so I have to been honest, I have only known about Ashley Madekwe's style for two days. However, in two days I have completely fallen in love with her casual, every day style. Ashley knows the pieces to make an outfit laidback while still adding pops of color and glam to make the outfit fashion forward. Below I have my top three favorite looks from Ashley Madekwe.

A twist on the old black leather skirt and white top duo is always an A+ in my book. The purple leather skirt is a subtle way to add some color as well as the yellow clutch. The shoes are chunky which gives her bottom half detail and even a touch of grunge. My favorite part of the look is the collar cuffs that give a white chiffon top much needed glam and interest. 

A fitted sweatshirt is always cute when it's designed in tons of bright colors and paired with skinny jeans. The contrast between the black jeans and grey sweatshirt are a nice visual for the eye while the bright colors add the brightness every casual outfit needs. I love the change up of the "expected" booties for boots that mimic cowgirl boots. The cheetah print bag continues to add print and attitude while the beanie is giving off an urban vibe.
Once again the contrast between the black skinny jeans and grey slouchy sweater gives a great visual for the eye and helps to keep from looking too monotone. A slouchy sweater always gives off a casual, cool look while still being chic and fashionable. The sandals help to add a little bit more to the neutral color scheme with the touch of tan while the red chain clutch matches her nail polish color giving a nice pop! Ashley also knows that arm candy is always best!
What is your favorite casual look?


  1. Omg I love her! I love all of these looks, my fav though has to be the first one! That skirt and shoes are to die for

    Stephanie xx

  2. She is such a beautiful girl...and that british accent and what more can you ask for...


  3. Such a gorgeous girl and love her style!



  4. I LOVE Ashley Madekwe! Def one of my favorite bloggers/actresses.



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