Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fashion 101: Lady-Like Skirts

Lady-like skirts are on my top trend predictions for the upcoming season. Skirts scream femininity and can work in both warm and cool weathers. A skirt is definitely a needed basic in every girl's closet because it works for both casual and formal events as well as with any particular style. Celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Lea Michele are practically known for rocking cute and girly skirts, but the more you really look at their skirt style you can see just how much the length and pattern impact the entire look. Keep on reading to learn how you can incorporate a ladylike skirt into your wardrobe this upcoming season.
Taylor Swift
The length and fit of a skirt can do so much for a body type. A body con skirt can show off the curves you didn't even know you had, but also need a more loose fitting top that doesn't make the outfit appear too tight. A pencil skirt has officially been deemed the "interview" skirt, however a great pencil skirt will always be a classic and can even be paired with graphic tops to polished button downs. Skirts are a great piece, but you must base their length off of your own personal height and shape so that it will not appear too short, too long, too tight, and definitely not frumpy.
Lea Michele
A great pattern can transform any piece from edgy to girly, girly to boho, whatever style your going for. Not only does the skirt determine the look, but also what you pair it with. Try using a neon colored belt to add some shine to an all black skirt or you can just throw on a killer pair of shoes to make the look stand out. Also, going back to length and shape, don't forget to balance the size of the print to the length and shape of the skirt because no one wants to be weighed down by print.
Kerry Washington
Now for the easiest, although sometimes hardest,  part of wearing a very lady-like skirt is keeping your legs warm. Of course you should shave your leg before showing them off in a skirt, but with the cold weather in these current winter months it's hard to bare it all. Tights can be a quick fix to keeping your legs warm because they are like thermals for your legs. Tights come in so many colors, designs, and even with cut outs that it's difficult not to find the perfect pair that will go great with an skirt, dress, or leg baring outfit in your closet.

Will you be rocking a lady-like skirt?

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