Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spring Beauty Trends: Pastel Eyes, Matte Lip

Spring is bringing back all the color into your beauty look. A bright matte lip and pastel colored lids are the ultimate trend for Spring 2013 whether you're rocking them at the same time or seperately. A splash of color brightens up your entire face and an instant vibe of youthfulness. However, there are a few things to beware of such as color overload and finding your specific color. Below are two lovely ladies, Solange and Katy Perry, who both know how to rock the latest Spring beauty trends.
Solange Knowles
Matte lips are a great alternative to glossy lips. The matte lets the color shine through without taking over your entire beauty look. Using a matte lip color allows you to still add a blush and eyeshadow without overpowering your face. Be sure to find a lip color that goes with your skin tone by swatching and asking to try out colors. Also, to prevent a matte lip color from drying out your lips make sure you apply a moisturizing chapstick first.

Katy Perry

Pastels come in such a variety of colors and shades that allow you to have an entire pallete of pastel eye shadows. Just like any other shadow, you can do so many different looks such as a smokey eye which makes pastel shadows very versatile. Pastel shadows are especially pretty when used as a liner because it can easily make your eyes stand out and pop.
What is your favorite Spring beauty trend?

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