Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fashion 101: A Shay Mitchell Valentine

Shay Mitchell always looks so cute, girly, and fashionable which is absolutely perfect for Valentine's Day. Whether you have a Valentine, are going on a day, or just kicking it solo, it's still good to be in the spirit of the holiday. Throw a cute dress, skirt, or at least wear a pop of red or pink. Below I have examples of a perfect casual and dressed up Valentine's Day look that will look absolutely amazing for the heart day and may already be in your closet.

Shay Mitchell
A skirt always looks super cute and with a pink top it will be super casual, but still dressed for the holiday. Don't forget to add some curls or waves in your hair. If you really not feeling a skirt, try a skinny jeans that will show off the shape of your legs which is definitely a girly vibe. A pink or red top is a necessity with the look if you're planning on staying Valentine's Day appropriate.
Shay Mitchell
Okay so I haven't had my first date yet, but if I did I would definitely wear Shay Mitchell's outfit in the photo above. A bright dress makes you stand out and shine while the leather jacket and booties keeps a little bit of edge and warmth. The side swept hair also frames our face and gives you room for a nice spritz of fragrance.
What are your Valentine's Day plans?


  1. She is just gorgeous!



  3. So cute... I love both outfits. Xoxo V.V.

  4. Her hair is amazing! ♥


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