Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beauty 101: Eyebrows Center Stage

Victoria Justice

Eyebrows are seriously the center of attention in your face. So instead of repeated waxing and tweezing which could lead to permanent arch shapes, try filling in! Of course you may need to still pluck a few stray hairs, but that is also what concealer is for. Keep reading for some tips on how to fill in your eyebrows perfectly!
  1. Begin by brushing out your brows into their natural arch.
  2. Take a small make-up brush along with an eyeshadow that is similar to your hair color.
  3. Lightly brush the color along the arch line of your brow. Slowly build on as much color as you need.
  4. Dab your brows to loosen up the shadow and color so it is not overly dark and defined.
  5. Brush a brow gel through your brows to keep the hairs in place.
The newly defined brows will make your entire face light up and look ultra fierce!

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