Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fashion 101: Mixing Colors

Jessica Alba is always mixing colors in her outfit whether it's summer or winter. Jessica knows exactly how to mix colors without looking like a holiday theme or a melted crayon box. The question is, how does she mix colors so perfectly?
Actress Jessica Alba was a throwback to the 90s as she sported denim on top with some retro colors while out for lunch with a friend in Beverly Hills, California on May 22, 2012.
Jessica Alba
If your going in a pasteln or cotton candy color theme, stay with it! Sine the pink and blue are both soft and pastel they work perfectly together even though they are not the same. The silver glitter shoes, the denim, jacket, and scarf are all neutral or very basic colors so they don't affect the overall outfit. Her bag and glasses go with the look because the colos match with her shirt and pants. By the way, her ponytail adds a lot of fun, retro vibe to the look!
Jessica Alba
Darker colors are a little harder to work with and as much as I hate use the word "rules", there are a few. The "rules" are a little bit of common sense, such as not wearing red and green or black and orange ass the main colors because you will begin to look like a holiday mascot. Try using a color wheel and going towards opposites or just make combos that you think look great! Adding hints of black and/or white like Jessica Alba has done can work as neutral compared to the other bright colors.
How do you mix colors?

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