Saturday, September 22, 2012

How-To: Protect Your Hair at Night

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It's so easy to just throw your hair up into a bun before bed or just not do anything at all. Although it's super easy to do that, it's extremely damaging to your hair. You can experience breakage and tangling all from not treating your hair with some TLC during your sleep hours. Keep reading for some tips on how to protect your hair at night, no matter your hair type:
  • Never go to sleep with wet or damp hair! Let your hair completely dry before even thinking about laying on it.
  • Brush and comb! No matter your hair type you always need to brush or comb your hair to get all the tangles before they come worse throughout the night.
  • Avoid buns at night! Buns and even ponytails are not the best thing for night time because the ponytail holder can break off your hair. Try just loosely braiding it backwards.
  • Wrapping! Wrapping your hair is very popular for relaxed hair types and will keep your hairstyle looking nice and fresh for the next day.
  • Silk pillow! Sleeping on a silk pillow allows your hair to maintains its nutrients and glide smoothly across the pillow unlike cotton or other fabrics.

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