Thursday, December 27, 2012

Birthday/Christmas 2012 Haul

 I am so extremely grateful for everything I have received throughout all of 2012 from every view and comment on my blog to each gift I have been given. Of course we all know Christmas was just two days ago, but since my birthday was not too far behind on November 17 so I've decided to do a collective haul. Below I have pictured some of the items I received so be sure to let me know what you have given or received over the holiday season as well!

I am so excited to wear my new pairs of pajamas! If you ever come to my house for a sleep over you would probably find me only wearing tank tops and cheer shorts, but now I can let out my love for print even in my beauty sleep. Also, the bottoms are super warm and cozy which is great for the winter while the thinner tank top allows my body to still feel cool at night.
 I have really been needing some sweaters since the weather is continuing to get colder and colder. The sweater to left is very sparkly and glam, while the center sweater is perfect for a preppy look, and the sweater to the right having a fun and casual feel. The pants are actually a metallic rose blush color in a skinny jean style that will definitely make you feel like a glam diva.
I also received three pairs of Nine West shoes from Santa. *Hint, hint Nine West was/is having a nice sale!* The pairs of flat are the same style, but different color schemes made up of compacted sequins. They will work great for a casual or dressed up look, the bonus is that they are very comfortable to walk in. I normally do not like Uggs at all, but this metallic rose blush color complete with a wedge heel was to amazing not to like! I am totally in love with this new style of Uggs and cannot wait to rock them!
 Now I have Christmas gifts from all of my family members which include accessories, candles, and a gift card. The gift card can be used at any store to purchase whatever my hear desires while the owl candles will be used as a cute display in my room. The key necklace is perfect since it is small and delicate, but still makes a statement. The earrings are a nice brass color which will match with anything and the headbands are great since I am trying out new hairstyles that won't go in my face.
 If you really know me, you would definitely notice I am always carrying around some type of style book whether it's from Seventeen or Teen Vogue. That's why with my birthday money I purchased the Lauren Conrad Style book which I reccommend for any girl even if you're not really into the wo;d of fashion, it's that good! The Celebrity Style Guide by Teen People is a really great refrence for learning how to dress forr your body and find out your style.
 My best friend gave me my favorite scent, sweet pea, in a lotion/body glitter form as well as a little picture frame which I will be putting a great friendship picture inside. The gift even goes with one of our BFF insiders! The cute container filled of japanese cherry blossom is actually from a secret santa gift and I am so excited to try out this scent.
Lastly I now have nice lighting in my room thanks to a new floor lamp and a cute little owl perched between the bulbs. Not only is the light good for seeing, but it will be amazing when I am filming on my new Nikon! My new camera is the best and will definitely help to take my blog to another level as well as allow me to show more original, candid photos.

I am so thankful, grateful, and excited about each of my gifts! Let me know in the comments below the gifts you have received and what all your grateful for.

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