Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fashion 101: The Baggy Pants Look

Skinny jeans have become such a staple in every one's wardrobe, so it's seems like time to try out something new to cover up your bottom half. Sweatpants and baggy pants have been seen on so many celebs lately as well as everyday girls. I am one to only wear more form fitting outfits, but this trend is something I may have to try out. I love how they look so comfy and casual, while still giving off an amazing urban, street style feel. Keep on reading to see how to work them into your wardrobe.
Rihanna knows you have to stay within a color scheme to make it look like a put together look and not like you just threw on sweatpants. Make the baggy pant look styled, but not over done by staying within the same color groups and not going too glam with your upper half. Try a casual look up top such as a fitted hoodie, a rocker tee, or even a cool jacket.
Don't forget about your proportions! You definitely do not want to look like a sack potato in a baggy pants look so try to keep with a fitted top or jacket. You can even try sticking with a loose top in your baggy pants stick more toward your legs than outward.
Will you be trying the baggy pants look?

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