Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY Nails: Simply Fall, Simply Plaid

It's not winter just yet so I am still rocking fall themed nails. I've noticed the popular nail polish trend of nudes, browns, and other dark shades so I had to try out for this week's mani. However, I can never stick to simple nail polish so I decided to try out a very simple plaid design accented with cheetah print on my ring finger nail. All I used to create this nail look is Schnapps Out Of It by O.P.I., a brown nail polish, a black nail striper, red nail polish, and a nail art brush.
  1. Begin with clean nails and coat them with a clear base coat.
  2. Add 1-2 coats of Schnapps Out Of It by O.P.I, or any other bright brown color to your nails.
  3. Take your second brown nail polish and stripe one line vertically or horizontally across each nail. Skip your ring finger if you want the accent nail!
  4. Take your black nail striper and create one vertical line next to the brown stripe as well as one stripe horizontally across the nail.
  5. Dip your nail brush into some red nail polish and add a red stripe horizontally or vertically across each nail.
  6. Create a cheetah print design on your ring finger by making jagged C-shapes with your black nail striper brush.
  7. Let your nails dry, then add a clear top coat on top of your nails.
This look is totally appropriate for the season! Plus you can switch up the stripe and color patterns to make the nail look all your own. Let me know in the comments below if you try out the nail look!

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