Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Billboard Awards Beauty and Fashion

Miley Cyrus
Carrie Underwoods

Jordin Sparks
Katy Perry
Zooey Deschanel
Now the Billboard Awards are definitely more casual than most awards shows and holds a room full of young and hip stars. The outfits for the Billboard Awards go from princess gowns to funky tights and sneakers. Personally I love watching the award show's red carpet to discover new party styles, popular color schemes, and gorgeous beauty looks. Miley Cyrus was very revealing at the award show, but her beauty look was even more striking! I love the tousled hair, thick eyebrows, long lashes, and glossy lips, very Marilyn Monroe-esque. Carrie Underwood went total princess decked out in jewels and lots of pinks and purples. Carrie's look is a complete dream fit with magical wavy hair. Jordin Sparks' look is my favorite from head to toe. The lace dress is trendy while still be dressy and casual at the same time as well as her cute side pony and accessories. Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel's outfits were not on my top list, but I love their use of glitz and glam while still keeping a low key vibe. They are definitely trendsetting with the light, diamond colors and sparkling shimmer and glitter.

What are your fave beauty and fashion from the 2012 Billboard Awards?


  1. I actually thought that Miley Cyrus Looked pretty good but sooo much older! I still loved her outfit, very casual and chic!! Cool post <3

    1. I'm still so used to the "Hannah Montana" Miley LOL, but she is so much older now!

  2. love Zooey Deschanel makeup and hairstyle))


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