Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY Nails: Midnight Summer Silhouette

I am in love with my summer-y nails complete with a palm tree accent. This nail tutorial is inspired by the late nights of summer, sun sets, and calming palm trees. All you need to create this nail look is a blacck nail striper, sparkly clear, dark blue, orange, neon teal,and purple nail polish. Be sure to have nail polish remover and a clear top and base coat handy!
  1. Begin with clean nails and coat them with a clear base coat.
  2. Take the purple polish and paint one-third of your nail starting from the cuticle.
  3. Immediately take the orange polish and paint a little over the purple polish and the middle section of your nail. Be sure to let the colors blendd together.
  4. Take the blue polish and paint a little over the orange all the way to the tip. Let the colors blend and fade into each other in an ombre effect.
  5. While the nails are drying begin on your accent nail by painting it a neon teal. Be sure to let it dry.
  6. Take the black nail stripers and make a thick line at the tip of the nail.
  7. Create a short angled line with the black nail striper.
  8. Make a circle at the end of the angled line and draw lines extending from the circle. Now you have a cute palm tree, but make sure to let it dry.
  9. Go back to your other nails and coat them with the clear sparkly coat to add a starry effect. Do the same to the accent nail when it is dry.
Rock this nail look all summer long and even try out different designs such as dolphins for your accent nails. Remember practice makes perfect and remember to prevent any chips with an amazing top coat. Show off your mani girlies!

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