Friday, May 18, 2012

Fashion 101: Rock the Maxi Dress

Lauren Conrad
Jessica Alba Clothes
Rachel Bilson
The maxi dress is sometimes a difficult piece to wear because it can either look too long and baggy or resemble a pajama dress. The best ways work a maxi dress start off with your own posture and overall look. Be sure to stand up straight so that the dress elongates your body rather than shorten it. You also want to be aware of having your hair combed and face cleaned to prevent a "just got out of bed" look. Now that is all taken care of  begin by adding an accessory to your maxi to help cinch your waist. Lauren Conrad cinched her waist by using a thick black ribbon while Rachel Bilson threw on a jean vest that ended right at her waist. A great pair of wedges or flat strappy sandals work well with maxi dresses because they help lengthen you out even more and wedges prevent the dress from dragging. Don't forget to add personal touches to make the maxi your own and rock it on casual sunny days!

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