Monday, May 28, 2012

Swimsuit Series: Cut Outs

Blake Lively

Jennifer Lopez
Cut out one piece bathing suits are hot and have become increasingly popular throughout the past summers. The only reoccuring issuse with cut-out swimsuits is that some bodies spill out in the cuts out and are not flattering. Blake Lively's sleek black one piece cut out is perfect for very slim girls who have small to medium sized breasts. The suit adds curves and covers the chest while still accentuating them. Jennifer Lopez's cut out one piece is great for girls with curves and fuller figures. When you have bigger breast a suit that dips low in the front is not for you because of the major chances of falling out of the suit. I love that Jennifer's suit covers all her chest while still showing off her body. The gold accent and covered bottom makes her waist look super small and take the attention. Each suit accentuates a special body part and does not let anything hang out, but still be sure to try on a swimsuit before making a purchase.

What is your swimsuit style? 

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