Saturday, May 26, 2012

Swimsuit Series: Retro Look

Selena Gomez
Today is my first day of summer and decided to kick it off with a swimsuit series! I am si readt to hit the beach and the pool, but all I need is a super cute bathing suit. The bething suit styles being sported by Beyonce and Selena Gomez give a retro vibe although they still have very modern assests. Selena Gomez's bathing suit is in a gorgeous color and th two piece is not making her overflow out the top or back. The dip of her bikini top is the same type of dip as retro swimsuits as wel as the bow. The bow on her bikini top is also a little trick to making the bust appear bigger. Beyonce's suit is retro also because of the dip in the top and the flowy peice that hits right at the waist. Even though  Beyonce's suit is a one peice, it still shows off her curves and super fit body. I love that Beyonce accessorizes her suit with a small gold necklace and cocktail ring. Any swimsuit picture of Beyonce she still wears jewelry which is super cute, just make sure the rings are tight and necklaces clasped!

Which retro swimsuit is your fave?
Want to learn how to get swimsuit ready?

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  1. I'm loving selena's that colour looks gorgeous on her. Very pin up!


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