Sunday, April 29, 2012

DIY Nails: Cheetah Girl Color

I decided to get a little animal print nail design on my nails, but I couldn't do it without adding some color! This nail design is actually very easy and even the most unsteady hands can achieve the look, all you need is a light nail polish color such as tan, three bright nail polish colors, and a black nail polish striper. Don't forget a base and top coat!
  1. Begin with clean nails and coat them with a clear basecoat.
  2. Apply the base nail polish color. A tan or light grey color works best.
  3. Take one of your colorful nail polish colors and create a medium-size dot anywhere on the nail. Make sure it sits flat on the nail, not piled up.
  4. Continue adding colorful dots on your nails and let them dry. Be sure to keep them spaced out and seperated. 
  5. Take you black nail striper and let the polish fall to the tip of the brush. Pat the polish around the colorful dots creating a cheetah print.
  6. Let the polish dry and seal it with a clear top coat.
*As you can see it the pictures I have a lot of polish on my cuticles, to fix that problem soak a Q-tip with nail polish remover and rub it in any areas where the polish is not supposed to be.

Remeber to be patient while trying out new nail designs and that practice makes perfect. Try out this fun nail design and feel cheetahlicious!


  1. how cute, i think im going to try this

  2. Tag your it!
    I tagged you in my latest post, check it out :)

  3. You and your blog are adorable! Love the Cheetah nails!

  4. Very cute! This reminds me of a friend of mine who's obsessed with anything cheetah print! I'll be sure to share it with her!

  5. so beauitufl and perfect for spring! (:


  6. One of my fave DIY nail projects so far. Great job!


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