Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fashion 101: Edgy Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart always rocks the easy, edgy look from head to toe. Her outfits are very easy to recreate, but do take a certain confidence and attitude to rock because so few people wear such edgy and stylish looks. Key peices to getting the edgy look include a slouchy tee, leather or dark colored skinnies, a wild printed clothing peice, and an oxford like shoe. 
For an casual, but edgy look throw on a slouchy tee paired with a pair of dark skinnies or leather pants. Add a blazer or bomber over top to add shape or extra flair to a tee that's on the more plain side. A cute pair of oxfords or sneakers go perfectly with this look and are super comfty. 
Just because it's edgy doesn't mean it has to be dark or all black, that would become extremely boring! Add in a wild print of clothing or something with a unique shape to switch things up a bit. Wild and bright colors are attention grabbers and no matter what look or style your going for, they are always good to throw in. A cool geometric shape or cool pattern can also give your body a different look and the eye a great visual.

How do you rock the edgy look?


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